“Second only to parents, teachers of movement can have a profound influence on a students self-concept and outlook on life”. Dan Millman, 'Body Mind Mastery' 

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Fundamentals of Tennis

 Full Day

This workshop explores the components of fundamentally sound tennis players and athletes. It analyzes tennis skills that are foundational in nature and that can be built upon, as opposed to styles that are one dimensional.


Grips and Stances

 Half Day

This workshop explores and simplifies the various grips and stances. Participants will be able to identify and lead others to each grip and stance, and will gain an understanding of the benefits and limitations of each.


All About Strokes

 Full Day

This workshop explores the basic strokes and how to teach; forehand, backhand, serve, volleys and overheads.


Teaching Your Beginning Child

Half Day

It is a great course for parents and for those who teach beginners.It helps gain an understanding of three purposes of our time with new players. Learn tennis activities for young folk that are both fun and beneficial.


Warm-Ups and Stretching

 Half Day

A look at warm-up and stretching exercises that meet the needs of tennis players of all ages.


Player Analysis I

 Half Day

Our ability as a teacher to both see and to understand what our students are doing as they play is vital. This workshop deals with both the symptoms and the bio-mechanical aspects of their tennis game.


Player Analysis II

 Half Day

A continuation of Analysis I, this workshop deals with a third dimension; the principles of human movement. It is highly recommended that participants take Analysis I workshop first.


The Private Lesson I

 Full Day

Approximately 70% of all tennis lessons given are private. This workshop explores: lesson formats, the 5 types of lessons, the 3 basic stages of each lesson, feeding, and on-court communication.


The Private Lesson II

 Full Day

It is highly recommended that you take Private Lesson I and Analysis I prior to taking this workshop. This workshop focuses on the "skills specific" lesson, and our ability to lead the student to a desired skill.


On Court Communication

 Half Day

Our effectiveness as teachers is a direct reflection of our ability to communicate with our students. In this workshop we will explore the various tools we have to communicate with and how to best use them.



 Half Day

Unless a tennis teacher masters feeding, it is difficult for them to be an effective teacher. In this workshop an emphasis is placed on the accuracy, rhythm and appropriateness of our feeds.


Equipment and Strings

 Half Day

As teachers we must have a working understanding of the tools that our students use. This workshop covers the characteristics of the various types of rackets and strings that are available.


Running an Effective High School Program

 Half Day

This workshop is designed for, but not limited to, high school coaches. The team environment, choosing a line-up, and leading practices that are both fun and beneficial are amongst the subjects that will be addressed.


Winning Team High School Doubles

 Half Day

In this workshop doubles is simplified and made easy for you to teach to your high-school teams, your USTA league team or the kids at your club.


Guiding your Competitive Child

 Half Day

Although this course was designed for parents it would be of value for most coaches. Gain an understanding of your role, things you can do and say that will help the child to grow both as a player and as an individual.

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