"Complete teachers of tennis are much more than tennis experts. They also possess an in-depth understanding of the body in motion, and have the ability to communicate in a clear and powerful way. We are committed to producing such teachers.”  - Don Henson

     The Tennis Teachers Institute 

                   “Where Tennis Teachers Grow”

The Tennis Teachers Institute was created to provide a comprehensive resource and educational center for teachers and coaches of tennis. Our mission is to furnish each of our students with the tools and knowledge that will allow them to be more effective on the court. 

Founded by USPTA Master Professional Don Henson, TTI
offers a broad spectrum of programs to meet the needs of teachers and coaches of all levels. Courses vary in length from 1/2 day workshops to 8 week intensives, and are designed to give each of our students both a working knowledge of effective teaching and an in-depth understanding of the learning process in individuals. 

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