About TTI

“A good lesson doesn’t deal with errors. It returns you to fundamentals and rebuilds on the firm basis of the sound principles of the sport." Laurence Morehouse, Founding Director Human Performance Laboratory, UCLA

The TTI Story

There was once a time when tennis teachers were mentored by those that came before them, I was one of the fortunate beneficiaries of that tradition. Serving apprenticeships, was the norm; experienced pros guided new pros, and helped to mold them as teachers, as coaches, and as ambassadors of the game. 

Unfortunately, the mentoring tradition fell by the wayside during the tennis boom of the 70’s. New teachers were pressed into action because of the high demand for lessons, and were forced to “wing it”, to self educate. We now have three generations of tennis teachers who have evolved with little or no guidance.

There are many teachers out there who are content with this norm, but there are also those who have a strong desire to be better equipped, to grow, and to be more capable of making a difference with those they have the opportunity to work with. 

TTI has been created to be that mentor that many are seeking; to guide, to lead, and in some cases to mold, tennis teachers and coaches that will make a difference. 

Don Henson, 2011 

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